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Holi: Festival of Colours

Today, the day after the first full moon of Spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), marks Holi. Celebrated throughout India and Nepal – and wherever diaspora communities dwell around the globe – this festival of colours boisterously & jubilantly celebrates the emergence of Spring. I know there are valid concerns now (environmental – the […]

cheating on new york…

but not really. I’ve just returned from a few days on the other coast.  And it was lovely.  San Francisco’s charms are myriad…as evidenced below: clockwise(ish) from top left: 1. blue bottle coffee 2. oyster picnic at the Tomales Bay Oyster Company 3. Gandhi ji overlooks the farmer’s market at the Ferry Plaza 4. iconic […]

how not to buy a carpet

Early in the last decade, I worked on Human Rights issues through an international diplomatic mission in Macedonia (FYROM for Former Yuguslav Republic of Macedonia in UN-Speak) – only, in order not to offend the sensibilities of the host nation, the powers that be (in all their wisdom) adopted the nomenclature of  “Human Dimensions” to […]

beautiful utility

Utility seems to go in and out of vogue. The classic Brooklyn hipster has adopted some combination of a working-person’s gear (Filson/Carhart/Red Wing boots) and seeks-out the waxed, hewn, hand-sewn. The borough’s spawned a captive audience for  beard oil, bespoke axes and beeswax, who worship at an altar featuring good pencils and a pewter mug of […]

Subramaniam’s dance

His name was Subramaniam and he lived in our garden in Calcutta when I was a girl. He was a vain (& tame) fellow and would come out at teatime each day to dance and preen for us, his avid admirers.  (We had no television; for which I will eternally be grateful.) Sometimes my little […]

Rajasthan…a love story

Inspired by last week’s post (and many of your lovely messages following it), I went on the hunt for some of my own – now ancient – photos of Rajasthan. I’m dating myself in sharing that these were taken pre-digital camera.  In the days when one would purchase film ahead of any trip to far-off lands, […]

then we gather as we travel

I haven’t traveled overseas in too long. Usual stuff – kids, home, work… Turns out, it’s not all that hard. Really. 4 hours, we arrived early, stewardesses helpful, and our kids’ behavior necessitating no apologies to co-passengers as we disembarked. And, like that – poof – you’re in a different land. (Jamaica in this case.) When […]