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Animal Hooks for Kids Room


This was to be a post about bedroom organization. Per my obsessive drill-down, it became a post about hooks. Just hooks. (For the post on dressers and dressing tables, and a spirited drawers vs. shelves debate, please check back.) I love hooks and think they can change behavior generally (for the better). In the bedroom, […]


As promised in my Love My Bedroom Post, a post on bedroom building blocks. Crafting a bedroom grown-up enough to satisfy the “escape + nest” instinct but that can withstand children is a give-take I’m ever working on. In my BEDROOM BASICS series there’ll be observations, successes and about-faces in the almost 2-year life of […]

impeccable charlotte (moss)

If you see Miles Redd previewing an auction, chances are excellent that you’ve come to a good place. Like antiquing and spotting one of the Keno brothers checking joints on the linen press beside you. Charlotte Moss is to interior design what Martha is to crafting – but without Kmart and catalog tie-ins. She’s written […]

when we roam + antiquing for kids (rooms)

Better than a day antiquing upstate? Leaving the (big, tagged, draconian urban ugliness – or at least stretches of it) behind… And reaching this… Then this and here-in finding such treasures as make it all worth while. Even if I’d go for the drive alone… Bonus? Finding pieces at prices as if from another, kinder/gentler, […]

why carpets are like wine

I don’t put myself forward as an expert on rugs and am loathe to lecture as though I were one. I approach shopping for carpets, much like I do ordering wine.  I make no pretense at expertise or connoisseurship in either realm – I am no more well-versed in how deeply depressed a warp structure […]

how not to buy a carpet

Early in the last decade, I worked on Human Rights issues through an international diplomatic mission in Macedonia (FYROM for Former Yuguslav Republic of Macedonia in UN-Speak) – only, in order not to offend the sensibilities of the host nation, the powers that be (in all their wisdom) adopted the nomenclature of  “Human Dimensions” to […]

beautiful utility

Utility seems to go in and out of vogue. The classic Brooklyn hipster has adopted some combination of a working-person’s gear (Filson/Carhart/Red Wing boots) and seeks-out the waxed, hewn, hand-sewn. The borough’s spawned a captive audience for  beard oil, bespoke axes and beeswax, who worship at an altar featuring good pencils and a pewter mug of […]