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we are here

Just under the one-year wire (our last post April 30, 2013), we’re back with news and a post. Many things to report but most prominently: We have a new home (see above) Our studio on Vanderbilt Ave, between St Marks and Bergen, in Prospect Heights – stone’s hurl from Prospect Park, the Barclays Center, The […]

imperfect = you

Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There’s a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in. – Leonard Cohen, Anthem Leonard Cohen’s zen spin on the Japanese “wabi-sabi” – the art or embracing of the imperfect, the impermanent and incomplete. Variations exist in many faiths and cultures, though (tragically) […]

Elements of Style Blog – by Erin Gates

Woke up this chilly Brooklyn morning (arrived, still sandy, from Jamaica last night) and on my morning blog-crawl what should I see but this (above) glorious post by Erin Gates on her ENORMOUSLY popular + influential + long-standing blog, Elements of Style. Featuring Indigo & Ochre Design and shots of our brownstones! What a lovely […]

(Phantom) Bachelor Beach House

Occupational hazard? Or latent character trait lurking, biding its time patiently for 40+ years to be revealed?  Either way, it comes as something of a surprise to each of us to realise that, after all, we are those girls…the ones who plan their weddings soon after the first date, years before any engagement is on the horizon. […]

and meanwhile at Doyle Belle Epoque…

Sans fur coats or lapdogs, decades younger than most and decidedly/obviously transplants from Brooklyn (despite having dressed like grown ups for the day), Courtney and I joined the UES-coterie of serious-auction-hunters and killing-a-pleasant-hour-browsers at Doyle’s Belle Epoque Auction Preview yesterday afternoon. A round up of many of the pieces originally profiled by Court follows: Clockwise […]

and in reality…Christies Interiors sale, previewed in person

We went (to Christies), we saw (the Interiors Auction preview – bidding begins tomorrow on art and prints, continues on Feb 6 with furniture and lighting – there’s still time to place, bids, register…) and we assessed… Above is an approximate “we said” (in-person photos) . Below is Christies “they said” (how these pieces looked on-line). Unlike real […]


We humbly ask our loyal blog followers, even the fly-by-night single-post-readers, for your vote. The grand-daddy of home design blogs, Apartment Therapy, founded by Maxwell Ryan in what now seems like the infancy of the internet but was probably a few years back, has its annual best of home design blogs contest, The Homies. Going […]