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how it might look – imagining lives at Doyle’s HOME auction

I previewed Doyle Home yesterday. It was a glorious grab-bag showing the silverware-to-needlepoint-cushions contents of 10+ estates. The fun part, one of the fun parts, of previewing auctions is the projection – fantasy. Assume identities then feather their nests. Here are two I imagined, and their attendant trappings. We’ll call the above assemblage: Bachelor’s Rusticating Refuge. Clockwise from […]

Elements of Style Blog – by Erin Gates

Woke up this chilly Brooklyn morning (arrived, still sandy, from Jamaica last night) and on my morning blog-crawl what should I see but this (above) glorious post by Erin Gates on her ENORMOUSLY popular + influential + long-standing blog, Elements of Style. Featuring Indigo & Ochre Design and shots of our brownstones! What a lovely […]

then we gather as we travel

I haven’t traveled overseas in too long. Usual stuff – kids, home, work… Turns out, it’s not all that hard. Really. 4 hours, we arrived early, stewardesses helpful, and our kids’ behavior necessitating no apologies to co-passengers as we disembarked. And, like that – poof – you’re in a different land. (Jamaica in this case.) When […]

Elements of Home: Books

I’m with Albert.  The 200 pound, 40 year old orangutan residing in Gdansk Zoo who won’t go to sleep until his keeper reads him 50 pages of Pride and Prejudice each night. I really, truly wish that this was a not-odd service to engage (as a literate adult): someone to read you to sleep.  What sublime luxury… Whether […]

a boy’s room in parts: the curtains

Inspired by the rug, I sought my cypresses for W’s room. I thought cypresses would get maximum play as curtains for the room’s windows. They’d set the stage, beckon outdoors in and pitch my son headfirst into my tree vision. Plus, toddlers (W not-yet-2 when we moved in) nap (or ought to) and so toddler […]

a boy’s room begins (I see cypresses)

When we bought our house, but before we’d moved in, we assigned rooms. And son W’s room was W’s room from the outset: it had belonged to the previous owner’s son (see above). No need  to out-think their logic. I liked the light of the north-facing room and its roominess. His room in our former home – an NYC […]

gift for a boy

My husband, R, is Bulgarian so we have an “in” with this awesome country. When our son W was nearly one, we took him to Bulgaria – to see the land, be baptized, spend time with his grandparents, soak up his heritage and eat shopska salad. And indulge his mom’s (my) monastery thing. Bulgaria is a magic […]