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Sarajevo sunset


I gradually became aware that my interiority was inseparable from my exteriority, that the geography of my city was the geography of my soul. Physically and metaphysically, I was placed. In the Sarajevo I knew, you possessed a personal infrastructure: your kafana, your barber, your butcher; the landmarks of your life (the spot where you fell and […]

brooklyn love

our crafty neighbours

via More Brooklyn love? Yup. I can’t help it.  Indigo and Ochre Design has been many things in the 6 months since Courtney and I first embarked on this (ad)venture; in this instance, a prism through which to see/learn about the incredible artisans crafting their skills all around us in our borough. One of our tenets […]

you are here

Long before Indigo & Ochre Design was even a glimmer in my eye, when I was immersed in textile design and embroidery and all things fair trade, I first came across Haptic Lab via Apartment Therapy’s Design Showcase 2009.   Conceived by Emily Fischer, a Brooklyn-based architect and designer, Haptic Lab’s soft maps are hand-quilted maps of cities, neighbourhoods – […]