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Brooklyn Nets Playoffs Dish Towel

after the cheering…

after the trash talking…Nate-bashing…Broooooooklyn-chanting…BELIEVE-ing… after whipping the air of the Barclays Center into a frenzy during the all-important game 5 of the playoffs and being worn as Miyagi-esque head bands (yes we did; no I’m not posting evidence)… now serving as dish towels (and a reminder that hope dies last).

marble love

I’ve loved marble – white marble to be precise – since I was a child and surrounded by it.  I remember how cool it was to the touch on hot Calcutta days and how pretty I thought the swirly marks were; like snowflakes, no two pieces exactly alike. I’d like to say that sound reasoning […]

Elements of Style Blog – by Erin Gates

Woke up this chilly Brooklyn morning (arrived, still sandy, from Jamaica last night) and on my morning blog-crawl what should I see but this (above) glorious post by Erin Gates on her ENORMOUSLY popular + influential + long-standing blog, Elements of Style. Featuring Indigo & Ochre Design and shots of our brownstones! What a lovely […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai…

or Kung Hei Fat Choi! Yesterday, whether in Mandarin or Cantonese (other languages too), the salutation invoking wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year ushered in the Year of the Snake across the globe…  via Not least of all, throughout our most excellently multi-cultured city… via Lunar New Year celebrations hold a special place […]

resolution review…

Inaugural supper club gathering at our home on Sunday evening…  More next week. (now if we could only initiate the no-smart-phone-in-the-bedroom-thing)

The genesis of an obsession

I was born in Calcutta (before it became Kolkata).  And it was there, I suppose, that the seeds of a lifelong love of all things brass were planted. Brass taps, brass lamps, brass accents – I was surrounded by them and their ubiquity and beauty, whether burnished or tarnished (but always unlacquered) shaped my aesthetic […]

the indispensable kitchen desk nook

How was it that we were ever able to live without one? The invaluable, constantly-in-use, completely indispensable desk nook we included in our new kitchen… Said nook comprises: an antique Chinese desk with mismatched (Scottish) ladder-back chair and built-in mahogany (routed to echo the kitchen island’s marble dupont edges) bookshelves supported by cleats that mimic […]