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when we roam + antiquing for kids (rooms)

Better than a day antiquing upstate? Leaving the (big, tagged, draconian urban ugliness – or at least stretches of it) behind… And reaching this… Then this and here-in finding such treasures as make it all worth while. Even if I’d go for the drive alone… Bonus? Finding pieces at prices as if from another, kinder/gentler, […]

a boy’s room in parts: the curtains

Inspired by the rug, I sought my cypresses for W’s room. I thought cypresses would get maximum play as curtains for the room’s windows. They’d set the stage, beckon outdoors in and pitch my son headfirst into my tree vision. Plus, toddlers (W not-yet-2 when we moved in) nap (or ought to) and so toddler […]

a boy’s room begins (I see cypresses)

When we bought our house, but before we’d moved in, we assigned rooms. And son W’s room was W’s room from the outset: it had belonged to the previous owner’s son (see above). No need  to out-think their logic. I liked the light of the north-facing room and its roominess. His room in our former home – an NYC […]

gift for a boy

My husband, R, is Bulgarian so we have an “in” with this awesome country. When our son W was nearly one, we took him to Bulgaria – to see the land, be baptized, spend time with his grandparents, soak up his heritage and eat shopska salad. And indulge his mom’s (my) monastery thing. Bulgaria is a magic […]

sometimes a steal

And sometimes, really not a steal at all. This was the chair I’d fallen for. Seen in person it was nice and low, diminutive footprint, cozy/enclosing seat with robustly fluffy down cushion. I would have purchased for my baby daughter’s room – for me to sit on, us to sit on, her to sit on […]

my muse

A tiny baby girl inspires nesting (+ nestling) instincts. This little one, who arrived last year, was just such an inspiration. With her arrival imminent, we moved in the crib, suspended the mobile, layered some cotton rugs, make-shifted a curtain rod-cum-closet on one wall, hung a Moroccan market basket on a hook for laundry (saving […]