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impeccable charlotte (moss)

If you see Miles Redd previewing an auction, chances are excellent that you’ve come to a good place. Like antiquing and spotting one of the Keno brothers checking joints on the linen press beside you. Charlotte Moss is to interior design what Martha is to crafting – but without Kmart and catalog tie-ins. She’s written […]

when we roam + antiquing for kids (rooms)

Better than a day antiquing upstate? Leaving the (big, tagged, draconian urban ugliness – or at least stretches of it) behind… And reaching this… Then this and here-in finding such treasures as make it all worth while. Even if I’d go for the drive alone… Bonus? Finding pieces at prices as if from another, kinder/gentler, […]

Subramaniam’s dance

His name was Subramaniam and he lived in our garden in Calcutta when I was a girl. He was a vain (& tame) fellow and would come out at teatime each day to dance and preen for us, his avid admirers.  (We had no television; for which I will eternally be grateful.) Sometimes my little […]

inspiration: sarajo and jacques carcanagues

One person’s collection can be the inspiration. Two shops that thrived in SoHo New York in the ’90s – Sarajo and Jacques Carcanagues – were mine. As a youngster starting out in the Asian/world antiques business (pre- Indigo & Ochre Design, before even Circa Trade), Sarajo and Jacques Carcanagues  were the reigning stars in my self-defined field – collector/curator-driven shops I […]

and meanwhile at Doyle Belle Epoque…

Sans fur coats or lapdogs, decades younger than most and decidedly/obviously transplants from Brooklyn (despite having dressed like grown ups for the day), Courtney and I joined the UES-coterie of serious-auction-hunters and killing-a-pleasant-hour-browsers at Doyle’s Belle Epoque Auction Preview yesterday afternoon. A round up of many of the pieces originally profiled by Court follows: Clockwise […]

on-line auction previews vis-a-vis on-line dating

Shanti and I have been previewing Christies Interiors and Doyle’s Belle Époque upcoming auctions on-line this week. Clicking without commitment, browsing a better-kitted-life from the privacy of our office, saving nice pictures in albums – has been lovely. But, as we’ve stated before and often, MANY things look and read awesome on-line but have saggy bottoms and unworkably aggressive personalities in person. Antiques […]

the dining table earns its keep

I’d hoped for evenings like this – while we were searching for the perfect dining table.  Actually, even before that…when we were scouring Brooklyn for a brownstone to call home. In my mind’s eye, the contours were clear: lively company, good food, delicious (& plentiful) wine and a long table (we eventually had one custom-made […]