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Holi: Festival of Colours

Today, the day after the first full moon of Spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), marks Holi. Celebrated throughout India and Nepal – and wherever diaspora communities dwell around the globe – this festival of colours boisterously & jubilantly celebrates the emergence of Spring. I know there are valid concerns now (environmental – the […]

art love: claire desjardins

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb We’re in the leonine phase.  And as I write this (in advance of a quick trip to San Francisco and hopefully sunnier skies), it is bleak – cold and grey with a mix of rain and sleet falling from the skies over Brooklyn. […]

impeccable charlotte (moss)

If you see Miles Redd previewing an auction, chances are excellent that you’ve come to a good place. Like antiquing and spotting one of the Keno brothers checking joints on the linen press beside you. Charlotte Moss is to interior design what Martha is to crafting – but without Kmart and catalog tie-ins. She’s written […]

why carpets are like wine

I don’t put myself forward as an expert on rugs and am loathe to lecture as though I were one. I approach shopping for carpets, much like I do ordering wine.  I make no pretense at expertise or connoisseurship in either realm – I am no more well-versed in how deeply depressed a warp structure […]

Subramaniam’s dance

His name was Subramaniam and he lived in our garden in Calcutta when I was a girl. He was a vain (& tame) fellow and would come out at teatime each day to dance and preen for us, his avid admirers.  (We had no television; for which I will eternally be grateful.) Sometimes my little […]

Rajasthan…a love story

Inspired by last week’s post (and many of your lovely messages following it), I went on the hunt for some of my own – now ancient – photos of Rajasthan. I’m dating myself in sharing that these were taken pre-digital camera.  In the days when one would purchase film ahead of any trip to far-off lands, […]

a boy’s room in parts: the curtains

Inspired by the rug, I sought my cypresses for W’s room. I thought cypresses would get maximum play as curtains for the room’s windows. They’d set the stage, beckon outdoors in and pitch my son headfirst into my tree vision. Plus, toddlers (W not-yet-2 when we moved in) nap (or ought to) and so toddler […]