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Animal Hooks for Kids Room


This was to be a post about bedroom organization. Per my obsessive drill-down, it became a post about hooks. Just hooks. (For the post on dressers and dressing tables, and a spirited drawers vs. shelves debate, please check back.) I love hooks and think they can change behavior generally (for the better). In the bedroom, […]


As promised in my Love My Bedroom Post, a post on bedroom building blocks. Crafting a bedroom grown-up enough to satisfy the “escape + nest” instinct but that can withstand children is a give-take I’m ever working on. In my BEDROOM BASICS series there’ll be observations, successes and about-faces in the almost 2-year life of […]

they tell us it’s spring

In Monday’s post I’d promised a follow-up all-about-the-bedroom post today. That’ll come, consider it owed. But on chilly Monday, with snow on the ground, silly me didn’t think to check the calendar before making a promise. And lo, as my informed 3-1/2 year-old announced over his waffle this morning: Mommy, it’s spring. How, after this endless wintering of the […]

please love my bedroom

Again? Again. Once again, we’ve (I’ve) gone and entered a contest on Apartment Therapy. And this time it’s truly personal – I’ve entered my bedroom (shared with husband and 2 kids of course). The contest: My Bedroom Retreat (sponsored by Legget & Platt) seeks: The bedroom is a retreat, the spot in our homes that […]

imperfect = you

Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There’s a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in. – Leonard Cohen, Anthem Leonard Cohen’s zen spin on the Japanese “wabi-sabi” – the art or embracing of the imperfect, the impermanent and incomplete. Variations exist in many faiths and cultures, though (tragically) […]

people and their stuff live in houses

A few week’s back, the Thursday Style section featured KATE YOUNG, stylist to smart stars, who worked with Anna Wintour, attended Oxford and, knocking it out of my park, stylist Kate Young LIVES IN CLINTON HILL Brooklyn!!!!!!! (I live in Clinton Hill Brooklyn so it’s just possible that Kate and I read AM New York side-by-side on the C train, bought the same broom at the Fulton […]

sometimes, it’s the things: pillow portraits

I admire de-accessionists and toast the all-100-of-my-possessions-fit-in-a-breadbox crew. Be off with your unburdened selves. I slink back to my things. I had an antique store for many years. Antique-store-owner is not the profession of a minimalist – it is a gilded excuse to browse and acquire things daily, then show your things to other people. […]