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Brooklyn Nets Playoffs Dish Towel

after the cheering…

after the trash talking…Nate-bashing…Broooooooklyn-chanting…BELIEVE-ing… after whipping the air of the Barclays Center into a frenzy during the all-important game 5 of the playoffs and being worn as Miyagi-esque head bands (yes we did; no I’m not posting evidence)… now serving as dish towels (and a reminder that hope dies last).

brooklyn love

our crafty neighbours

via More Brooklyn love? Yup. I can’t help it.  Indigo and Ochre Design has been many things in the 6 months since Courtney and I first embarked on this (ad)venture; in this instance, a prism through which to see/learn about the incredible artisans crafting their skills all around us in our borough. One of our tenets […]


As promised in my Love My Bedroom Post, a post on bedroom building blocks. Crafting a bedroom grown-up enough to satisfy the “escape + nest” instinct but that can withstand children is a give-take I’m ever working on. In my BEDROOM BASICS series there’ll be observations, successes and about-faces in the almost 2-year life of […]

Elements of Home: Music

So this is part lament, part inquiry, part music review, part Brooklyn-love story (yes, another)… My husband and I love music.  Not always the same music mind you (huge generalisation, but what is it about American men and their fondness for guitar-based rock from 40+ years ago?).  Nonetheless, it’s a joy and appreciation we share and […]

art love: claire desjardins

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb We’re in the leonine phase.  And as I write this (in advance of a quick trip to San Francisco and hopefully sunnier skies), it is bleak – cold and grey with a mix of rain and sleet falling from the skies over Brooklyn. […]

you are here

Long before Indigo & Ochre Design was even a glimmer in my eye, when I was immersed in textile design and embroidery and all things fair trade, I first came across Haptic Lab via Apartment Therapy’s Design Showcase 2009.   Conceived by Emily Fischer, a Brooklyn-based architect and designer, Haptic Lab’s soft maps are hand-quilted maps of cities, neighbourhoods – […]

marble love

I’ve loved marble – white marble to be precise – since I was a child and surrounded by it.  I remember how cool it was to the touch on hot Calcutta days and how pretty I thought the swirly marks were; like snowflakes, no two pieces exactly alike. I’d like to say that sound reasoning […]