About Us

Indigo & Ochre Design Blog is Shanti and Courtney (of Indigo & Ochre Design), a pair of brownstone-dwelling souls on either side of Atlantic Avenue who’ve been myopically fixated on the renovation, decoration and all-round feathering of their historic homes for some time now.

Along with our day-to-day of design work and sourcing as the creative duo behind Indigo & Ochre Design, this blog is our chatty front. It’s our forum for what we’ve found, learned, loved, been influenced by and/or bookmarked for later use.

Most will be brownstone-related (of course), but we’ll also dip our collective toes into sourcing near and far, Brooklyn and NYC things and items and inspirations from our own lives and spaces. We’ll use images from our own homes (present and past) to illustrate points as well as drawing images from our libraries so the content is FRESH and un-Pinterested, for now…

Our collective backgrounds should make this venture extra interesting and lend it a global air. We both hail from birthplace India and have spent many years in many spots overseas so our scope is roaming and our sources far-flung.

Please stay tuned, subscribe and, when it all gets too exciting, chime in too – we like dialog.

Thanks for checking in,

Shanti+ Courtney

Brooklyn NY

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