may day fairy

It has been a while…

Just over a year to be precise.  And though our blog has admittedly been neglected while we tend to the projects, homes (in some cases homes-to-be) and the people (aka clients) who inhabit them, we are still inspired –  with greater frequency than is evidenced here – and often intend to share those inspirations with you.

Today, I’m doing more than intending…

Yesterday, I was exhausted – we are juggling a lot, I’d clocked two hours sleep the night before and was grumpy, overwhelmed and under-caffeinated…about as far from inspired as a being can be.

Thank goodness for intuitive, generous, creative, whimsical souls like the May Day Fairy, who crept up our stoop and anonymously left this lovely posy (with a ‘Happy May Day’ note) tied to the front door yesterday evening.

may day posey

may day posy

I texted her as soon as I saw it, overwhelmed with gratitude at the sweetness of her act.  She was amused/surprised that I didn’t ask first whether she indeed was the ‘culprit’, but I needn’t have.   I know no one else who actually follows through on their genius inspirations with such flair – she’s singular in that respect.  And today, an inspiration.

Happy Spring All!

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