Seeing the world

Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world only,
our own,
we see that world multiply itself
and we have at our disposal
as many worlds as there are original artists,
worlds more different one from the other
than those which revolve in infinite space…

– Marcel Proust, from Le Temps Retrouve

Near-poetry. (Probably even nearer in French but not my French.)
Alternatingly meta-profound with a deity’s scope (as here), and shockingly human-scale. If you can think it, or would like someone else to think it on your behalf, Proust is your man.

In this quote Proust pretty much explained art as I understand it.

And since I think of photography as an art particularly well-suited – when practiced well – to really show our familiar world through another’s gaze, some of my favorites below…

(Disclaimer: my computer crashed pre-post so have put this together using iPad and IPhone. Yes there’s a WordPress app but it’s new to me so please excuse oddities and oversights. )

20130405-131859.jpg Rolfe Horn, Wedded Rocks, Study 1, Ise bay, Japan 2001

20130405-133759.jpg Salgado, Korem Ethiopia

20130405-133828.jpg Eisenstaedt, Hurricane

20130405-133837.jpg Shirin Neshat


Eisenstaedt , Corps de Swan Lake


Marc Riboud, Capital of Heaven

20130405-140558.jpgAlec Soth, Brittany

20130405-141052.jpg Lartigue


  1. beautiful post- pleasing and thought provoking photos – poetry!

    1. courtney · · Reply

      Thank you Jessica! If ever there was a photographer with the artist’s eye, it’s you, so the kind words mean a lot. Here’s to more time for more photos, more poetry, more Proust and more art! Hugs, Courtney

  2. A beautiful and intriguing collection of photos. Reminds me of a wonderful book I recently bought “Small Rooms & Hidden Places” with photographs by Ronald Wohlauer.

    1. courtney · · Reply

      Karen –

      Thanks so much for your comment and especially for your suggestion! Just looked up Ronald Wohlauer and he’s definitely a new favorite. Best to you! Courtney

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