Elements of Style Blog – by Erin Gates

Indigo and Ochre Design featured on Elements of Style Blog

Indigo and Ochre Design featured on Elements of Style Blog

Woke up this chilly Brooklyn morning (arrived, still sandy, from Jamaica last night) and on my morning blog-crawl what should I see but this (above) glorious post by Erin Gates on her ENORMOUSLY popular + influential + long-standing blog, Elements of Style.

Featuring Indigo & Ochre Design and shots of our brownstones!

What a lovely return and what an honor.

Erin has been parsing all things design with great insights, humility and much wit – both home and fashion – since 2008 and she’ll be in print soon!

Thank you Erin from your Brooklyn fans (and family), Courtney + Shanti


  1. Love your Brownstone! Inquiring minds need to know… what grey paint did you use for the Masterbath walls. Looks great w/ white, brass and the re-purposed vanity!

  2. Thanks Mimi. It’s a testament to how in synch my partner Courtney and my own aesthetics are that our brownstones (her pics of living & dining rooms, mine of kitchen and baths) have been taken to be one! The master bath pictured is indeed from my home and we used Benjamin Moore’s ‘Metropolitan’ in a matte finish – it was the closest I could come to the veining in the marble we used in this bathroom. It’s a lovely soft hue with a very slight green undertone – hope that helps.

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